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Independent feeding advice


VIB gives independent feeding advice for your dairy cattle.

Our feeding experts give you tailor-made advice based on years of experience, research and analyses. And naturally with the health of your dairy cows as the guiding principle.

Optimum green fodder crop


We know that high roughage quality is essential to your dairy cattle.

You want to gear your roughage to your dairy cows’ requirement to as great an extent as possible. Our sound advice for the maximum amount and the best roughage on



The VIB consultant is your independent sounding board and financial coach.

The financial management of your dairy farm is not a simple task. Our financial specialists know what is important in dairy husbandry: higher return without compromising the health of your dairy cattle or the quality of your operational management



Reducing phosphorus but not at the expense of the health of your cows

Now that the decision on phosphate rights has finally been made, the sector will be seeking the limits in order to minimise the effects of the restrictions. There is a lot of discussion about improving mineral efficiency via BEX and the cycle indicator. In addition, farmers want to reduce the number of young cattle and prolong the lifespan of the

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Do you know the pH value of your soil?

With the introduction of phosphate rights, it’s essential to deal efficiently with the mineral maintenance. A good tool for this is the  cycle indicator. The indicator shows where the strong and weak points are on the farm as far as mineral utilisation is concerned. Higher crop yields can be achieved by dealing with mineral use efficiently, which in turn reduces

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Dianne Benschop, consultant Netherlands

“It is all about the cows, their health is number 1”