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The VIB consultant is your independent sounding board and financial coach.

The financial management of your dairy farm is not a simple task. Our financial specialists know what is important in dairy husbandry: higher return without compromising the health of your dairy cattle or the quality of your operational management

Optimum performance at low cost

Analysis of the exploitation account of an average dairy farm shows that the options are limited for affecting the costs. The fixed costs are primarily the result of investments and decisions made in the past. As a businessman, you have the most influence on the direct costs and proceeds. It is essential to have the cow and the land perform as well as possible at the lowest possible costs. VIB has the expertise.


The farmer as a businessman

You must be a dyed-in-the-wool businessman in order to realise a maximum financial return as a dairy farmer. You have to work systematically, negotiate with your suppliers, anticipate changes in regulations, run your business in harmony with your environment and, of course financially secure an income and future for yourself.


VIB support

VIB can support you with your management. We do so by acting as a sounding board for the strategic business development and actively assisting with these processes. This must result in positive development of the yield on your farm. Thus you create a better negotiating position with suppliers.


How does a financial advice process work?

VIB uses your objectives as the guiding principle. Together we examine your current business situation and where your future ambitions lie. VIB then examines how you can realise these future plans, starting from the current situation. We do so on the basis of an internal analysis and a visit to your farm. We incorporate the recent annual figures and future needs of the farmer in the analysis.

VIB will incorporate the results of the analysis in a report and tell you if it is realistic. If it is, it will lead to action points. Next, every quarter is examined and discussed. Thus we test the developments and our consultants conclude whether the developments are proceeding according to plan. This is usually done on the basis of the liquidity planning and the cash flow realised.


Insight per kg milk

Our work method provides more insight into the cost price per kg of milk, which often results in more discipline in expenses and investments. In addition, you get a clear picture of your financial situation and your objectives, so you can run your business with less worry. You also have a professional sounding board at your disposal you can fall back on.


Calling in VIB Financial yields more than it costs, both in euros and in alleviating your concerns. Your challenge is our challenge!

Want to know more?

Contact Jan Haming at +31 (0)592 614 265 or jhhamming@vibconsulting.nl