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About VIB

VIB is an international, independent, strategic consultancy for modern dairy husbandry. Based on the ‘structural improvements in business results’ philosophy, VIB was founded in 1987 under the name Veeteeltkundig Ingenieurs Bureau.

What started with expertise in the area of cattle feed has grown into a consultancy that supports the agricultural businessman with the feed, green fodder crop and financial modules.

We believe our advice makes the difference. Because of our solution-oriented attitude, we work on various problems with a great deal of passion. The difference is in the approach: VIB searches for the cause in order to solve problems structurally. The goal: structural improvements of the business results.

Mission and vision

VIB is THE sparring partner for the modern dairy farmer. We believe in finding solutions in real life, not in theory. Our advice makes the difference through tailor-made work and a practically oriented approach. VIB assumes that every company functions differently. No standard advising but focused advice, while we decide the objectives together with our clients.

As an independent knowledge centre, we believe that the knowledge of our clients is a key component in improving business results. We get to know our clients and their needs well during an extensive intake interview. We arrive at a plan of approach together. Figuring out the cause of a problem is of great importance in achieving the desired results. As soon as the situation is clear, the step-wise plan is elaborated. The farmer is in control of the progress during the process. Of course we keep the result in mind and see to it that the correct plan of approach is applied.

VIB’s expertise consists of: Feed, Green Fodder Crop and Finance

The combination of these three modules results in coordinated advice. This unique concept makes the advice complete and prevents there being contradictory advice from different parties. Advising per module is also an option. With this assistance, we strive for balanced operational management geared to the needs of our clients.

our clients

VIB works for dairy farmers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Canada. Are you curious about our clients' experiences? 

Max van Mensvoort, dairy farm with 190 cows

‘Since 2007 we have sought out VIB for assistance in the area of feed. The consultancy was later expanded to the green fodder crop and finance modules. The reason we sought out VIB was their sound knowledge. Our feed consultant, Alidus, always comes to the cowshed first when he visits the farm. He picks up the feed in front of the feeding rack, smells and feels it to assess the quality. He looks at the cows' condition and talks about what he observes.

VIB is also assisting us with actively improving our grassland. And the results are there! The productivity of our grassland has increased considerably. VIB also has a practical approach to this. We go out to the grassland with the consultant to rate the grassland. You learn a great deal about your grassland this way.

I sought out VIB financial’s Jan Hamming for support with my strategic choices. He sees to it that I stay sharp with respect to the various aspects in operational management. That way I know exactly where I stand, which strengthens my position with the suppliers, giving me an immediate financial advantage.’

Due to its broad knowledge, VIB collaborates with various parties working in dairy husbandry. A few examples of this are mixed feed companies, supplement suppliers, veterinarians and machinery contractors.

the team

Inus Haasken, owner & development

ihaasken@vibconsulting.nl | +31 (0) 592-614 265

Gerrit Jan Schaap, consultant Netherlands

gjschaap@vibconsulting.nl | + 31 (0) 592-614 265

Dianne Benschop, consultant Netherlands

dbenschop@vibconsulting.nl | + 31 (0) 592-614 265

Marcel Smilde, ration specialist

msmilde@vibconsulting.nl | + 31 (0) 592-614 265

Gerrit Baan, ration specialist

gbaan@vibconsulting.nl | + 31 (0) 592-614 265

Marchien Ensing, HR & office manager

mensing@vibconsulting.nl | + 31 (0) 592-614 265