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feeding advice

VIB geeft onafhankelijk voeradvies voor uw melkvee.

Onze voeradviseurs geven u advies op maat op basis van jarenlange ervaring, onderzoek en analyses. En uiteraard met de gezondheid van uw melkkoeien als uitgangspunt.

Independent advice

To make a ration calculation for your dairy cattle, our feed consultants use standards and software they themselves developed. Our work method is based on many years of study and analysis of high-production dairy cattle. Moreover, we have no obligations to any feed supplier; we give independent advice on your cattle.

Our own mixed feed formula

VIB prefers putting together the formula of your mixed feed itself, as it often provides the best result for your dairy cattle. Nearly all mixed feed suppliers produce these formulas, so we can advise you independently.

Tailor-made advice

Every dairy farm is unique; we understand that. That is why we only offer you tailor-made advice, optimised for your operating situation and management style.

VIB has additional special consultation programmes for dairy farmers feeding TMR and for farmers who use robotic milking.

Getting acquainted with an initial situation measurement

How does our advice process work? Essentially, the process consists of two steps: an  introductory interview at your dairy farm, possibly followed by a coaching process. There is no cost for the first interview, provided you become a customer. Should this interview not lead to you becoming a customer, we will charge for the advice.

The idea of our initial visit to your farm is to get acquainted with you, your work method and your dairy farm. The themes we discuss include the following:

  • feed costs
  • ration efficiency
  • the health of your dairy cattle
  • rations for young cattle and dry cows
  • concentrate formula

We also look at the possibilities of a collaboration for which VIB suggests a regular operational coaching process or a troubleshooting process. The result of our introductory interview is to properly measure the original situation and propose a follow-up approach.

Advice process version 1: Operational coaching

Regular operational coaching is based on complete dairy cattle ration advice. We set up a plan of approach for your feed management with you. While you are getting started, we visit your dairy farm every six weeks to have a look at the progress. We look into the cowshed and the yard and advise you on the following, among other things:

  • The health of your livestock
  • We evaluate all animal groups and examine hoof problems, rumen contents, coat, etc.;
  • Effects of all rations and possible adaptations
  • Season-specific themes such as the quality of the grass cover, selection of corn strain, grazing

Would you prefer to schedule our feed consultants' visits to your farm flexibly? We can do so in consultation.

Advice path version 2: Troubleshooting

It may happen that a specific problem is detected during the first visit to your farm when we measure the original situation. If so, our independent specialists can assist you by using a troubleshooting process. We study your dairy farm and analyse why the problem is holding back your farm's development. We schedule several visits to your farm to figure out the background and use our experience and expertise to the best advantage.

Is the problem under control? If so, you can switch to a regular advice process for your dairy farm.


VIB has developed a number of products based on study and practical observations at dairy farms aimed at supporting the advisory function and thereby further optimising the results. The use of these projects has led to very good results for our clients.


SuperVIB is a starter pellet developed by VIB. SuperVIB is a high energy concentrate for high production cows. The pellet stimulates feed absorption so the cows can more quickly absorb more dry matter.

The positive effects of SuperVIB are:

  • A rapid rise in feed absorption after calving
  • Reduction of the risk of ketosis.
  • Improved fertility
  • Higher milk production
  • Healthier cows


After years of research, VIB has adapted the normal requirement standards for minerals with respect to macro elements, micro elements and vitamins. The adaptation of the standards is mandatory for improving the results with respect to fertility, hoof health, udder health and the development of young cattle.

The minerals we developed are:

  • VIBTRADE Basis: For dairy cattle and young cattle
  • VIBTRADE Kern-Z: Concentrated mixture for sandy soil
  • VIBTRADE Kern-K: Concentrated mixture for clay soil
  • VIBTRADE Kern-M: Concentrated mixture for corn-rich rations and/or rations with a large share of additives
  • VIBTRADE Dry cows: For dry cows and yearlings at the end of gestation

 VIBTRADE  is GMP+ certified Reg.no. 40114 . Producer Tromp B.V. with QS no. 4048 4731 55038.
The minerals are GMP+FSA secured.

Want to know more?

Contact Alidus Hidding at +31 (0)592 614 265 or ahidding@vibconsulting.nl